Monday, April 9, 2012

I made this blog to share many files in it that I made and continue do for cutting machines. I found hundreds of albums in with amazing ideas which I redrawn to convert into cutting files and lit in this art even bought Silhouette sd.
Constantly I wondering .. can I do that? if they are copyright? Coz that to any uploaded files for free download I mentioned from where the idea was taken. I thought that since there is no problem these schemes to be shared in the forums and and I also can share my files and make people who like me have cutting machines, but lack the skills to create their own files to them happy.Today I read in a forum that I upload graphics that are protected by copyright and .. I decided on this blog to share only my original works.Тherefore now can not find and download files that I shared before, which I apologize, but I do not want to break anyone's copyright. Sorry for my english - Im not good, but hope u understand me.


  1. I understand, I have seen this happen to others. It makes me mad because no one meant any harm. I am one of them that has a cutter and has a hard time converting files to cut. I am always thankful for someone offering their help LOL Don't feel bad and keep creating just don't blog it. I don't have a blog mainly for this reason.

  2. hello, Sue,
    Thank you! I am an artist (this is in my blood) and will not stop. Maybe it's better that it happened. Now I will spend more time on my designs I hope that also like.

  3. I understand your conflict...and I am sorry you cannot post anymore of the files from picasa, you did a wonderful job converting them. I also want to thank you for introducing me to some of the picasa albums - I am going to try to convert some of the images for my own use. I hope you will continue to post some of the great albums you find on picasa.

    1. Jeanette, plz try to connect with me by mail, skype or facebook. My mail is

  4. Just found you via a post on the MTC forum. Your files are all wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing them!

  5. Thank you, Kristy! I hope you like the new files too.

  6. I love your original work. I recently bought a few of your cut files including the happy birthday flowers card and others. It's so lovely and delicate. Thank you for including two orientations as well.

    I was searching for images of finished birthday flowers cards and found your blog. There are many lovely things here. Good luck with your art career. You have a lot of talent ;-)


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